Hello,Its me again Aziz Today im gonna show you stuff about yorkshire terries well thats my yorkshire terrier up there he is very smart and he just loves people thats what will happen when you get a yorkie.Yorkies will be your friend after 20 minutes of keeping in your home.Its not that easy to train them well i did train my Yorkie named Sparky to do a couple of tricks but the hardest trick i trained him was to keep him under control when i keep him on a leash.Well this is a picture of him as a puppy he still is he is 3 months and a couple of days old right now and right now is Febuary 7 2010.He was born in November 8 2009.Well the first thing you should find out about trainig yorkshire terrier puppy is that you are teaching them a new language they won't understand you you have to teach them you have to train them clean them feed them give him/her water.

 Is'nt he the cutest.

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