New Author! (Bandar Al-Wazzan)

December 4, 2009
Aziz:Hi Guys today we have a new author Bandar Al-Wazzan here he will be talking about stuff he will do dont forget we are making a club penguin army. Well here he is.

Bandar: Hi guyz, my name is Bandar Al-Wazzan and i am the new author of this site!
In this site me and Aziz and the group will talk about guinea pigs, club penguin, bakugan, and alot more.

Wonderland Levels Re-scheduled

November 20, 2009

Sorry,but the wonderland adventures levels will be rescheduled the wonderland page is under maitence so don't visit it for 2 weeks that would give us Authors 4 days to do this we can only work together on fridays and thursedaysif we want to give us extra time please send me an email or mohammed telling us for extra time remember my email is and mohammeds is so it might be ready some time in December.

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Authors Part 2

November 20, 2009

Hi its me Aziz sorry about doing that last post i had a tutor where was i ok so the authors are some of you might know are
Nasser,Mohammed,Hamad,Aziz Q,and me Aziz

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November 17, 2009

Hello, Its me Aziz well the owner. Thank you for visiting our site and helping our site grow well next i will tell you the authors next post bye

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Blog page

October 23, 2009
Hello Aziz here im happy to welcome you to the new Blog page well i hope your happy with the new things we added to the site
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About Me

This about us the owners so i hope you like our site and we are fans of bakugan


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