All about wonderland adventures and return to wonderland


Hi, Mohammed Here


Return to Wonderland is a very great game. You can play as many characters. You Can Find It Here.

    Do you see the banner up there? Those are all the monsters.

    Spring: Coily

    Bomb: KABOOM!

    Blue Robot: Z-bot

    Red Pair of Teeth: Red Chomper

    Yellow Pair of Teeth: Yellow Chomper

    Blue Ghost: Ghost

    Rainbow Ghost: Rainbow Spirit

    Flying Scaucer: UFO


    These are all the obstacles in the game.

    Brown Box: Box

    250 Coin: Bonus coin (Gives you 250 more points)

    Diamond: Prism

    Barrel: Powder Keg

    Mirror: Reflector

    Coin: Rainbow Coin ( Needed to finish levels )

    Rock: Boulder

    Silver Box: Steel Box

    Clock: Time Coin (Gives you 30 more seconds to finish the level)

    If you need help you can always check


    If you need help using the level editor: 

    Click Here


    If you Want to take some tests Click Here

    Here Are 2 Level Sets:

    Wondertown Invaision

    Fire War 

    Level Level
    Size : 6 Kb
    Type : zip


    Hey its me Aziz here is a screen shot from wonderland return to wonderland its peegue getting shot by a ufo and with Stone stinkey i hope you like it more screen shots coming right up.

    Return to Wonderland Demo Screenshot

    This is a picture of loof in the forest maze well what ever im getting more screen shots

    Return to Wonderland Demo Screenshot

    Here is a lvl with stinkey and loof and alot more stuff and push cannons



    Hi it is us all together in one page


    We made a level about Bakugan Exploration Please Download it:



    I hope you like the games 

    yes they are. 

    Size : 7 Kb
    Type : LV6

    Place this level in C:Program Files/Return to Wonderland Platinum/CustomLevels

    And Enjoy!!


    Hello Aziz and Hamad here posting another game in wonderland its called firewar2 i hope your smart you need brains to pass it and do the same thing as before bye. 

    Size : 9 Kb
    Type : LV6

    Here is another Part of the firewar 

    Size : 4 Kb
    Type : LV6

    You Guessed it More Firewar Stuff 

    Size : 3 Kb
    Type : LV6

    Here is another Firewar Level 

    Size : 4 Kb
    Type : LV6

    This is the first level 

    Size : 6 Kb
    Type : LV6

    Well im gonna put 3 wonderland adventure levels one is easy and the other one is medium i passed it but try to trap as many chompers as you can explore and find that star by the way im Aziz not Aziz Q the owner well just c all us  both Aziz. 

    Well we will have to resquesdule the uploading

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