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Guys FRom Now on you have to go to the blog to check out the news sorry but it has to be done ok so check out the blog 

Hi im sorry we have not been posting alot too much tests and summative assesments we have a new author AZIZ Q well his name is Aziz but we will call him Aziz Q he will be happy working with us 

Guys checkout the bakugan page its tottaly rocking. oh by the way scroll down to see some old posts from some of the authors.

Hi Welcome to My Website my old website was hacked so i made a new website at yolasite as you can see im a fan of bakugan i really like it so i hope i get more people to look at this site.



Here is the Cheat Code Mystery


Unscramble these to go the cheat site

Add the Calories to get the pass


Use the Calorie Counter












The ID is Cheat


PS: Case Sensitive

 Hi I'm Hamad, I am a new author at this site I look forward on working on this site so I can give all of you info. If you are not interested in bakugan please try the games or give bakugan a try or chat.

If you have any questions email me or aziz.                                     Aziz:                              Hamad:

We have new authors as you may know one of them is hamad and the others are Nasser and Mohammed if you want to ask them questions Nassers email is   and mohammeds is email is so this is aziz signing out

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